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Sunkissed, which is not to be confused with Sunkiss CBD, is a strain that’s renowned among reviewers for its energetic and stress-reducing effects as they’ve reported. Fans of Sunkissed have said they’ve experienced enhanced thought stimulation, pain relief without a heavy body sensation, and the elimination of stress or depression.

Some medical users have said Sunkissed helped with symptoms of PTSD and helped them balance their mood.

THC levels of Sunkissed tend to fluctuate depending on cultivation and curing techniques used, so be sure to check your batch’s before purchasing or consuming.

When you open up a package of Sunkissed, you’ll be greeted with a citrus scent that’s slightly sour. Upon an extended inhalation, you might find traces of grapey goodness in its undertones. Sunkissed buds have medium density and have a short conical shape.

Sunkissed is the product of crossing genetics from Platinum Tangie and Arise.


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