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38 Special



.38 Special’s full color palette appears quite muted due to a thick layer of butter yellow trichomes. Underneath, gorgeous shades of forest and basil green, contrasted by streaks of berry jam, olive and cream colors. Some nugs have a dominant grape/berry profile with recessive green buds. .38 Special has an aroma of sour earth and vanilla fuel.

The inhale is complex yet tasty; a piney malt “cake” flavor is prevalent, with kicks of minty OG fuel, lemon citrus, with a hint of pepper on the back end. .38’s effects come on fast and strong, starting with a spacey, euphoric head change felt behind the eyes and in the back of the head, which slowly drifts into. “medicinal” and alleviating body buzz. The strains FaceOff genetics really shine in the effects category, without possessing the couchlock/knock out effect present in many top shelf OG’s. High in THC and possessing a heavy “thwack” upon consumption, .38 possess the qualities of an Indica dominant, yet overall, balanced strain.



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